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My name is Evan Greenberg. I have a B.S. in Kinesiology and I have spent the last few years learning everything there is to know about Dryer vent cleanout in New Jersey. After graduating college I had the opportunity to be trained by someone who has over 40 years of experience in the field. During my time of training, I started to realize that the way we do things and the equipment we have are very limited, outdated, and inefficient. This is when I started to design some of my own equipment.

The first piece of equipment I designed is now known as the "Vent Vision Wireless inspection camera" and this has not only allowed us to diagnose problems in vents easier, it has also allowed us to video our cleanings to see what the most effective and efficient cleaning method is and bring it to you.! We are the best dryer duct cleaner company in NJ, which ensures the customers that their dryer vents are safe and well-cleaned dryer vent inspection in New Jersey. We are an affordable dryer lint cleaner company in NJ and we price by service. Dryer vent repair cost in New Jersey is entirely an inexpensive cost you can afford for dryer hose cleaning in New Jersey

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My products

Along with cleaning dryer vents, I am also the creator of the Defender Bird Guard and the Vent Vision Wireless Inspection Camera that ensures cleaned dryer vent inspection in New Jersey. The inspection camera allows me to offer video inspections to all of my customers, and the Defender Bird Guard is the only code compliant bird guard for dryer vents on the market.

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My Equipment

In my truck, I am equipped with many dryer vent cleaning solutions that allow me to unclogging dryer vent in NJ from the inside or outside of the home effectively and efficiently and . If approved, a resident may not have to be present for the appointment because the vent can be serviced solely from the outside.


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