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Rachel Calabrese

I appreciate how thorough and professional Advance Dryer Vent Cleaning was. Evan came to clean my dryer vent which, to my surprise, was nearly a fire hazard due to the build up of lint from all of the laundry I do. Evan explained that he used a Vent Vision camera to see inside the dryer […]

Nathaniel Ashton

I am a new home owner and was concerned with the quality of my dryer vents. The staff at vent vision was recommended to me. They used a camera system to take a deeper look into the vents and performed a much needed cleaning. It was great service that was on time and completed quicker […]


My clothes were taking a ridiculous amount of time to dry. My dryer vents out to the roof but has never been cleaned from the roof before. I called a few dryer cleaning companies and some were the same cost, but were only going to clean the vent from inside. I wanted to make sure […]

Rebecca Greenberg

My dryer wasn’t drying so my landlord told me to call a company to have it serviced. Advanced dryer came right out, cleaned the vent, cleaned inside the dryer, and educated me on making sure to clean the lint filter every load. He even showed me a tool which I can use myself to clean […]

Ariel Ulberg

Evan came over to check our dryer vent with his camera. He found a detachment in the dryer vent which could’ve caused a fire. Evan came over and carefully and quickly detected the detachment; gave me an estimate and attached the dryer vent within the wall with minimal damage. Evan took care of the hole; […]

Jacqueline Lovett

I’ve had my dryer vent cleaned twice a year since I bought my home, and this is the first time anyone has gone up to my roof to clean the vent. It turns out the entire time I’ve owned my home I had a clogged screen on the roof that should not have be there. […]

anthony martino

Evan came out and determined that my dryer vent was disconnected under my floor. The day before Thanksgiving he pushed off other appointments and carefully repaired the disconnection and cleaned all of the lint that he could get to inside my walls and vent. This was one of the best experiences that I’ve had with […]