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Best Clothes Racks in 2021



Clothing racks have been serving homeowners for years in helping to ensure clothes remain crease-free and organized while taking up less amount of space. Racks allow one to air dry clothes in a smarter, better way and they have become great options for many. 


Moreover air-drying has been a good old way of drying clothes before the invention. Yet, dryers still have some restrictions and might not be suitable for some delicate materials like silk or underwear that are better off hand washed and air-dried. Racks have come to the rescue, helping to easily air-dry clothes without the guilt of spoiling or dryer not Drying. Besides, if you are looking to cut down energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, racks are the way to go.  


These racks come in different shapes, forms, materials, designs, and sizes and for all budgets. Therefore, understanding the different types of racks can allow you to know which one is the best choice for air-drying outdoors or indoors.


Drip Hanging Rack

A space-saver for a small apartment, this is definitely a good option if space is ever an issue. Rather than getting lost on where to hang delicates, simply clip them off this hanger and place it on a shelf or shower bar. 


Dotted Line Drying Rack

Cramped closet or you don’t have one at all, this rack is not only great for air-drying but it’s also the best option to keep your clothing organized. You can leave it ground up or lean it against the wall to save up space. And while you are done drying, fold and pack it. 


Multi-Section Drying Rack

For all your laundry day needs, this is what you need. It’s also come in different rods that allow you to dry different types of clothes and colors depending on the weight and material. The four caster wheels allow easy movement of the rack from one place to the other. 


Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Another good option if you are looking to free up on floor space. It is sturdy and can be used to hang any clothes from jeans to wool sweaters for an extended period of time. It can also provide added protection when placed just below the ceiling where not anyone can get close to it. 


Heavy-Duty Drying Rack

This rack is just what you need for a heavy load of laundry. What’s more? There is some space for sneakers that get caught up in the rain or are newly washed to be air-dried. It is also designed to be folded flat when necessary to save up space. It boasts a lot of strength and sturdiness that helps to hold as many clothes as possible. 


Two-Tier Drying Rack

household dryer essentially does it better than ever. With two levels of arms, it gives more space for drying options without hassles. Its small footprint is also one of its greatest pecks, making it a great option for a small space. Its tripod design means it’s sturdy, stable and capable of holding a lot of clothes. 

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