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How to Prolong the Life of Your Washing Machine




One of the best ways to lessen the burden of house chores is by buying a washing machine. It is an important part of a household cleaning device as it saves time, saves more water as compared to manual washing, has a dryer to dry washed cloth and  doesn’t consume energy. However, just like most devices , it still has a high rate of wear and tear. The following are some of the measure you can take to prevent early wear and tear in your washing machine.


Clean the Dryer Lint Filter and Vent

Cleaning the lint filter after every use will keep the machine efficient. A clogged lint trap can cause a lot of mechanical issues in the machine. Cleaning it will help prevent fire hazards and keep the dryer operating at a high level continuously.


Moreover, cleaning the washing machine will remove all the residues from detergent a, bacteria and uncomfortable smells inside. It is also important to clear out the dryer vent once in a year.


Perform Regular Professional Maintenance

It is not until the washing machine starts malfunctioning or stops working that you will call repair service or professional maintenance. Washing machines just like most appliances requires yearly regular servicing to identify problems in time and fix them.


Dryer vent cleaning service should be done regularly by professionals in order to prolong the life of the washing machine. Luckily, this service is easy to find in New Jersey and doesn’t cost a lot.


Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine

Filling your washing maximum to the maximum can leads to some serious damage to the drum or even motor. A broken motor means a costly repair or buying of a new washing machine.


Loading your machine to the brim can affect the efficiency of the appliance and increase the wear and tear as the appliance strains to operate under a heavy load. 


Also, the clothes need space to wash properly so you need to follow the manual and use the recommendation from the manufacturer.


Empty the Pockets

Always  check and empty the pockets of clothes before putting them into the washing machine. Metallic objects such as coins, keys, and key rings can destroy some parts of the machine such as the drum. They may also get stuck in the drain pump, and this will prevent proper drainage. Besides, these objects can cause malfunction like water leaks, block and even destroy drainage. Loose items such as buttons, zipper pulls, belts, clothes with chains should also be removed so as to protect the machine.


Do Not Keep Wet Clothes in Machine

Most washing machines have alerts that sound when a washing cycle is over. As soon as the clothes get washed, remove them from the machine and dry them because leaving clothes longer will leave the machine with a funky odor  or smell and may damage it.


In conclusion, prolonging the life of a washing machine is easy if you follow the recommendation by the manufacturer and take necessary steps mentioned above. Applying these above guidelines will certainly prolong the life of your machine.

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